July 2023 Update

Thanks again to Bill Fultz for his continuing work and passion on this database.  This update includes a lot of clean up of the data, erasing a handful of duplicates, eliminating arches that have since been determined to not exist, and changing some arches to leads, whose location and/or existence is only possible, not confirmed.

The database now stands at 2605 documented arches, with 2852 documented features (including false arches, windows that are less than 3' openings, and destroyed arches).  The map is also updated to 988 features.  The lead list now stands at 782 possible arches or leads due to the downgrading to leads for 100± arches.

Also huge thanks to an incredible effort of Mike Hoffman who submitted nearly 40 arches in the last couple of weeks.  All within the Beaver Creek area of McCreary County!  Incredible, so go check them out on the map.

Latest, all the Top 10 lists have been updated and some new ones have been added.  Go check them out.  The new ones are Top Submitters, Top Documenters and Longest Spans.

If you'd like to submit an arch or a photo of one in the database please click above or right here and submit an arch!