NABS & Kentucky

The Natural Arch & Bridge Society (commonly referred to as NABS) is a national organization that was founded in 1988 whose mission is to gather information on arches, educate the public about arches, and to protect arches.  They hold rallies in the spring and fall where they spend a week visiting arches in different areas around the country.  They also produce a quarterly newsletter called SPAN that highlights the activities of its membership.  

Most of NABS is about arches out West, like the states that compose of the four corners.  NABS has occasionally visited Kentucky for a rally.  They last came in the fall of 2019 that was led by Bill Patrick.  It took place in the Red River Gorge region.  Before that, NABS visited Kentucky in 2005 for a fall rally that was led by Victor Fife & Larry Peterson.  The 2005 rally took place in both the Big South Fork & Red River Gorge regions.  Even earlier than that, there was a rally back in 1996 in Kentucky.  That rally took place in southern Kentucky and the Big South Fork region.

For more information about NABS, just visit their website.  

For a detailed history of NABS, check out the articles on their website here.

Below are the covers for the NABS newsletter SPAN, that included articles about the rallies that occurred in Kentucky.





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