Abused Arches

As we kick off Arch Awareness Month, we always highlight arches that have been abused around Kentucky.  This can vary wildly, but generally includes either spray painting on the arch or carving into the rock of the arch.  There are other abuses, such as illegally driving across an arch.  Other arches have had illegal fires or campsites created underneath them.  Another form of arch abuse is the illegal digging for artifacts, known as potholing.

Since we have started Arch Awareness Month back in 2019, we have been highlighting these abuses to bring awareness to the fact that damage is being done, and that you should not do this to these unique features.  

You can check out pictures of the arch abuse in our new section called Arch AbuseClick here, or it is on the top left menu under Arch Awareness.

If you would like to check out some additional arch awareness information and to follow along on it all, please visit our Facebook group, Kentucky Waterfalls, Arches and Landscapes.

Apex Arch, which is one, if not the most abused arch in Kentucky.

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