Arch Awareness Month 2022

Welcome to Arch Awareness Month.  It is where we highlight the damage done to arches, documenting arches, and just trying to explain how awesome these natural wonders are.  They come in all types, shapes, sizes and uniqueness.  Expect to see a lot a posts and articles added in this month as we have a lot planned for the 2022 edition of arch awareness.  To start the month out, we bring you a new milestone in the database.  The database now stands at 2509 documented arches, with 2600 documented features (including false arches, windows that are less than 3' openings, and destroyed arches).  The map is also updated to 811 features.  We also have updated the lead list, which now stands at 221 possible arches or leads.  

All of the Top 10's have been updated (if required) and can be found here.

If you'd like to submit an arch or a photo of one in the database please click above or right here and submit an arch!

If you would like to check out some additional arch awareness information and to follow along on it all, please visit our Facebook group, Kentucky Waterfalls, Arches and Landscapes.

Lastly, below is the updated map after hitting 2500 arches!  As part of Arch Awareness Month, I have gone back and created maps for each of the past Arch Awareness Months.  They can be found here!  This database was created in 2018 with the first Arch Awareness Month being in January 2019.  It has since shifted to February.