August 2021 Update

Thanks to the work of Bill Fultz on the database and the large submission from Mike Hoffman, the database is updated and now stands at 2021 documented arches, with 2076 documented features (including false arches).  The map is also updated to 606 arches.  We also have updated the lead list, which now stands at 211 possible arches or leads.  

There are a bunch of corrections in this update, fixing duplicates, errors, and other blunders.  Also a lot of arches have had their type added and pictures.  Also the map is over 600 arches finally!  Get out there and explore!

All of the Top 10's have been updated (if required) and can be found here.

If you are interested in the arches of the Red River Gorge area, please see Bill Patrick's DVD's.  He just released DVD 10 this summer.  It includes 100 new arches for you to venture to and see for yourself.

If you'd like to submit an arch or a photo of one in the database please click above or right here and submit an arch!