April 2021 Update #3

We are on a roll and as such, there is a 3rd update for the month of April!  The database is updated and now stands at 1002 documented arches, with 1027 documented features (including false arches).  The map is also updated to 485 arches.  Bill Fultz has worked extensively with me on this update. 

If you are interested in the arches of the Red River Gorge area, please see Bill Patrick's DVD's.  He has a Volume 10 that is due to be out fairly soon.

If you'd like to submit an arch or a photo of one of the arches in the database please click above or right here and submit an arch! 

All of the Top 10 lists have also been updated.  Check them out here!  There has even been some new lists added as we continue to gather more and more data on the arches of Kentucky.