Happenstance Arch Complex - Arch 4





This is in the 1st tunnel next to the Shelf Arch. The shelf arch on the inside is 52”, the top window is 37” at its tallest spot, below that window is 19”, there is small window in the pillar itself so yes that’s all correct, but at the left end (thin end) of the 52” arch there is an opening right there in the rock . that I could shimmy up into because it opens up inside to where I could crawl to the other side of cliff to an opening . The opening is tall enough to crawl out of but there’s a rock sticking up blocking the way out. . There’s is a small window in the left of entrance of the opening and pretty good size pillar inside the opening . Then right past the complex and opening I just explained is the the entrance into the arch that had the arch at the top of the entrance and that I crawled all the way through to other side of .

NameHappenstance Arch Complex - Arch 4
Alternative Names
Width of Arch
Height of Arch
Span of Arch
Type of ArchPillar
Upper Rock Layer
Lower Rock Layer
Land OwnerUSDA
Name of LandDaniel Boone National Forest
Documented byJoey Fritz & Mandy Owens
Submitted byBill Fultz