Opposite West Of Copperas Pillar





Directly across from West of Copperas Pillar Arch on the opposite ridge at ground level at 950 feet elevation. The arch is just a few inches more than 3 feet. One opening of the arch has 3 peep holes around it (on left, right, and above). There's a small cave right next by the arch (maybe 10 feet away from the arch) that is tall enough for a person to walk into. I already emailed pics to Bill Patrick and this info.

NameOpposite West Of Copperas Pillar
Alternative Names
Width of Arch
Height of Arch2
Span of Arch3.5
Type of ArchPillar
Upper Rock Layer
Lower Rock Layer
Land OwnerUSDA
Name of LandClifty Wilderness
Documented byRandy Beck
Submitted byRandy Beck