Sinking Creek Arch Complex - Arch 6 - Right Center Pillar 1





10 arches, 4 windows all within about 50 ft of each other. Spectacular geology though underwhelming photographically. Two larger main pillar chambers. The left pillar chamber has two pillars though small in height and span, in length both are over 4 ft and there is a window. The right Pillar Chamber has 3 pillars inside it, a window and a shelf. Just outside the chamber to the right there is a long 6 -7 ft tube that is about 6 in. x 6 in. in height and span as well as another small pillar with over 3 ft in span and another smalle window pillar behind it in the rock. To the far right at the end of the cliff is another window some some very small peep holes next to it. Though roadside, very little evedence of human visitaion though just around the corner there is spray paint on the cliff line.

NameSinking Creek Arch Complex - Arch 6 - Right Center Pillar 1
Alternative Names
Width of Arch
Height of Arch1
Span of Arch4
Type of ArchPillar
Upper Rock Layer
Lower Rock Layer
Land OwnerUSDA
Name of LandDaniel Boone National Forest
Documented byRandall Miller
Submitted byBill Fultz