Azrael Arch Complex - Arch 3


Randall Miller




It's hard to get a real idea of how many arches there are here. There's a lower pillar with a rockshelter and inside the rockshelter is another pillar and a smaller pillar, potentially too small. Above on the cliff is unique opening with an "s" type formation across the entrance making at the least 2 more arches. For now we are going to go with 4 arches total. Looks like it would require climbing into the upper complex to get a real idea of the geology.

NameAzrael Arch Complex - Arch 3
Alternative Names
Width of Arch
Height of Arch
Span of Arch
Type of ArchPillar
Upper Rock Layer
Lower Rock Layer
Land OwnerUSDA
Name of LandDaniel Boone National Forest
Documented byRandall Miller
Submitted byBill Fultz