Dog School Branch Arch Complex - Arch 1 - Left Pillar


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3 pillars, 1 tube, 1 shelf and a window. Two large openings with a pillar in each, the openings are connected by a tube. To the right of the right opening is a secondary smaller pillar seperated by a shelf, though the openings for the self seperated pillars are about 1 ft each, they both are over 3 ft in length. The right opening also goes back a significant distance, perhaps 30 ft. From left to right, left of the left opeing is the window, then the left opening has a pillar inside it apporiximately 4 or 5 ft tall, to the right of the pillar in the back of the recess is a tube that connects the right recess. At the end of the tube in the right recess and about a foot further right is a thin column that is 4 ft tall. A tunnel goes a back about 30 ft behind the column. To the right in the opening of the right entrance is anothe pillar type arch with two openings seperated by a shelf at a 90 degree angle.

NameDog School Branch Arch Complex - Arch 1 - Left Pillar
Alternative Names
Width of Arch
Height of Arch
Span of Arch
Type of ArchPillar
Upper Rock Layer
Lower Rock Layer
Land OwnerPrivate
Name of Land-
Documented byRandall Miller
Submitted byBill Fultz